• Succession of States as a Result of Dissolution of the Predecessor State / Vladimir-Đuro Degan / 1991.—1995.

    Keywords: succession of states; citizenship (nationality); human rights; state property, archives and debts; treaties; membership in international organizations; war crimes; war damages.

    Consideration of various consequences of state succession as a result of the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and Czecho-Slovakia, especially in respect of: citizenship, human and minority rights; state property, archives and debts of the predecessor state; treaties; membership in international organizations. Legal qualification of the dissolution of the predecessor state and allegations of the so-called illegal "secession" of some former republics from the Yugoslav Federation. The war in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and inflicted crimes. Claims for reparation of war damages.

    Project financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia.